Logging in the Days

Self Care To Live With


Explore the Common

Nature as Medicine - Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver, BC Canada

That natural beauty is strong medicine. 

Cell phone photography - Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver. 

Wisdom of Knowing how to do stuff

zen tangle, journal, music, writing, dance, all of the above

Psychosocial Rehabilitation includes the exploration of creativity. Left photo is a section of a cotton sheet I add beads to once in a while.

Mobile Phone Photography

for fun on the go and where-ever you are

Mobile phone photography people create art that is edited on a cell phone  using cell phone apps.   

Make it up and make it happen 

Art is life

Creating for the pleasure it brings. Left is a little trinket curtain I made. The ends of each strand of beads are trinkets that have been with me forever. 

From Simple to Super

Take something simple and glam it up

We can relearn how to eat for brain and body health. Left is a plate of oven dried apple chips along with fresh lemon curd for a dip.  Lemon curd recipe is from youtube instructions. Art by Autumn Skye Morrison

Where do you live? The answer is not your address 

We share our home with plants that speak to the history of the land 

Can you name a dozen indigenous plants that grow around your neighbourhood?  Benefits of doing this memorization work includes knowing a little more about your world. Left is a St. Johns Wort tinctures that I harvested and mixed around my local area. 

Somewhere, there's a dog that needs walking 

Being of service to an animal can help to process one's own grief 

The research is in and we know the calming effects that animals have on humans as can be witnessed in seniors centres world wide. Left is a photo of the late Austin walking on a west coast trail at Lighthouse Park. Austin use to come to work with me and he knew how to sing and jump. 

Seasonal Festivities 

Getting out of the house can be difficult sometimes

A local seasonal favorite in my community is Loggers Sports Day. Local events are an option to stroll along with ease,  talk to as many artists as possible, and call it life on the wet west coast.

Social Media

Don't believe what you read

Fake news is not new. Give yourself chunks of time away from social media as a tolerance break from the provocations that clamor for your attention. Left is a fake news advertisement for the benefits of white sugar to control weight. Life, October 6th, 1961. 

Find a team and get on-board. 

Team events, sports, community projects, & seasonal celebrations

Find a team to join that works for your needs. Remember the public library for low and no-cost activities. The left photo is my past Dragon Boat team (Perfect Catch) in North Vancouver, BC. I am the one with the white pointy hat. Here we are preparing for a race in False Creek, Vancouver. 

Get Involved


People affected by mental illness gathered together to document what is needed in Canada. The result was Out of the Shadows at Last . This defining document is the compass from which my practice originates

Who Cares

Spend time with people who listen

Mental health is enriched by hanging with people who care about you. So let go of one sided relationships. 

My Cultural Awareness

Maltese Heritage

I experience wholeness when exploring my own rich cultural heritage. Malta. Hail Persephone! Digging is fun!


What-ever works

This café racer style moped is a joy to ride. I wear platform boots to reach ground when I ride all of my bikes. I am going to attend a group ride one of these days. Michael Blast, Outsider. 


Who does she think she is

I wear a full face helmet and body gear when scooter riding.  First trip on this monster I slid out on loose gravel. So glad I had my shoulder pads on. Apollo, City scooter. 

Connect with real medicine

Autumn harvest of rose hips

With this harvest there will be skin moisturizer, tea, juice, hair shine, and heavenly scent all around.