I am proud of the greatest Canadian comeback story so far- Alberta's Bill 1, protection from the Federal Government. 

Canada's globalist buy-in is making a return to normal impossible. Alberta, though, is on track with a Bill to block the Feds from destroying that province. 

Merry Christmas

Rewind: Oct 10, 2021

My content will continue with a centrist-conservative lens from alternative news sources. The focus remains freedom to choose.

Without bodily sovereignty,                             we have nothing. 

Without protected elections,                            we seduce the gates of hell to open. 

Without solid borders, we have allowed      the gates of hell to be breeched. 


Hold The Line


January 6th was a hoax 

Look to Germany for her own version

Remember Their Names

Merrick Garland

 Alejandro Mayorkas


The Gift of Hope


Dec.30 - Russia

 I am hopeful that war mongers at the EU are replaced with leadership that is not shackled to the corruption of the EU.

Fight Fascism world-wide.   -   Canada

I am hopeful that in 2023 Ursula von der Leyen will be ousted from her unelected position. I am hopeful that the brave  MEPS will continue to fight  fascism through Brussels. 

I am hopeful that by the end of 2023 there will be solid crimes against humanity charges because of this well planned out & devastating world-wide attack.  OHSA


Bibi is back. It is disheartening that Daniel Andrews is in for another four years. Praying for H. Walker and for K. Lake

British Columbia needs to prioritize a treatment based approach as entry to recovery - with no wait time. The variety of housing first models have been tried. They have failed. It is time to move on and treat, as a priority for all British Columbians. 

Hence the failure of the mental health system with open borders access to drugs.

 And with the absence of  treatment based models to approach the real pandemic crisis - left-wing politicians say, "here, have more."  How insulting. How thug-like. This model has been tried in many places world-wide with the same results: murder. 

Because Trudeau the Berserker has sold out Canada at every level of sovereignty, it is easy to get lost in issues that the regime is hammering Canadians with, including Bill C-21 and C-36. completely selling out Canada  health care to the UN  Build Back Better Globalist Agenda.  

True to how Trudeau/left-wing/Communistic governments operate, making  Canadians guilty for the problems that the Feds create. 

Season's Greetings 

December 25, 2022  

The Gift of Tears

December 24, 2022  

Pandemic Amnesty

Dr. Scott Jenson. "We've Been Played". Talks about the adverse effects of the cV.2 vaccines. Fact checkers lack integrity. Lack of reporting may be due to fear.  

What is breaking our hearts?

Leading cardiologists concerned about the adverse effects of the vaccines. Please talk about your adverse affects and remember to report. 

Do You See What I See

How Messed Up is the United Nations, exactly?

Blaming Israel for violence against women in Palestine Report. UN expert on violence against women visits only Australia and the Bahamas. Report The Reality Ukraine

Democrats Swindle Trillions in the Dark of the Night


December 22, 2022  

Fentanyl and the Border - YOU'RE FIRED!

1) A Good Beginning and a blessing: This is only one of Soror's (Open Society Foundation, and poster boy for Stockholm syndrome) Flying Monkey, Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas. Now, with a sliver of more power in the house, Republicans are situated to start rewind: Report . Flying Monkey,  Attorney General, Merrick Garland will get his soon enough. ( A key difference between people considered sociopaths and psychopaths revolves around how they relate to moral behavior and conscience—the part of a person that makes them feel bad for causing pain to others. For instance, while sociopaths are considered to have a weak conscience, psychopaths can lack conscience altogether.)

2) Zelensky's Blades of Glory Victory Speech At The White House. - Alex Report and the UN with theirs .

3) Danielle Smith/Alberta wants of piece of them. 

4) OSHA - Rewind

December 21, 2022 Winter Solstice - Yule Begins

Liberal Shut-Down - Emergencies Declaration Committee - Little potato, good

Emergency Act - Final, part one

Charter of Right and Freedoms - Report (be certain that China is watching)

NTD News - Settlement - 10.3 million, USA Unvaxed Health Care Workers getting their jobs back, a win for Religious Accommodation (only & does not help anyone else, so boo). Report


Going in for the kill. Report  Elensky goes to DC. Report - Gets what he wants

December 20, 2022

Holy Russia

Gary Lachman is a former rock star and one of today’s most respected writers on esoteric and occult themes. His many books—including Madame Blavatsky, Swedenborg, and Jung the Mystic—have received international acclaim. This interview, with Quest magazine editor Richard Smoley, will delve into such topics as the return of the concept of “Holy Russia,” the occult influence of rock music, and the impact of H.P. Blavatsky.

Gary Lachman is the author of twenty-three books on the meeting ground between consciousness, culture, and the western esoteric tradition, including Madame Blavatsky: The Mother of Modern Spirituality, The Return of Holy Russia: Apocalyptic History, Mystical Awakening, and the Struggle for the Soul of the World; Politics and the Occult; and A Secret History of Consciousness. He writes regularly for journals in the U.S. and U.K. and lectures frequently on his work in the U.K. and Europe. In a previous career, he was a founding member of the rock group Blondie and in 2006 was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Born in Bayonne, New Jersey in 1955, he has lived in London since 1996. Report (ut search)

Civil-Military Fusion

The CCP’s Whole-of-Society Warfare Against Us 

Expert Panel Explores How the Enemy Pursues our Destruction and Who’s Helping:

Tuesday, Dec 20, 2022. 1:00-2:15 p.m. ET

Of particular importance in the latter regard is the so-called “civil-military fusion” that is part of a larger whole-of-society war footing on which the PRC has been placed.

The Chinese Communist Party is at war with America. That is clear from the rhetoric and conduct of its newly coronated emperor, Xi Jinping; the “unrestricted warfare” in which the CCP has engaged against us for decades; and the declaration of “People’s War” in People’s Daily on the United States in May 2019. Even more ominous are the steps Xi’s regime is taking to mobilize and otherwise prepare his country for kinetic conflict.

Accordingly, the next Committee on the Present Danger: China webinar will focus on America’s failure to recognize the portentous character of the CCP’s civil-military fusion doctrine and its implications for U.S. “engagement” with Communist Chinese companies, whether state-owned enterprises or nominally private sector ones. . .  read more  here

December 18, 2022

The cV.2 Vaccine Disgrace

Russia/Ukraine. Erdogan/Assad Meeting. US Forces in Syria. Report. Woke Juggalo meets Elon. Report. NTD News: The cV.2 vaccine disgrace Report . Hate, the New Normal Report . Elon tells Putin to leave Starlink alone Report .  Coughing Up Bones: Reports. Breakthrough in Fusion? Liberals fomenting hate in Canada - Short

The Resistance Front of Afghanistan 

Breitbart News - In an interview with independent journalist Tera Dahl, Afghan resistance leader Ahmad Massoud denounced the Taliban as no less extreme than the Islamic State and faulted both Western nations and the ousted government of Afghanistan for errors that allowed the Taliban to return to power. Report


Canadian male wears enormous fake breasts to teach his students. Only wears them around kids. Report with a theory of why. 

December 17. 2022

Russia/Ukraine, EU Threatens Elon with dumdumdum, SANCTIONS!

Twitter Files Released - Ukraine/Twitter/FBI Collusion. Comedians Targeted. Main Stream Media Banned. Report ||

NTD - Fauci complains of misinformation. That's Rich! Report || Breaking - Southern Border: Fentanyl . Build Back Broke

December 16. 2022

NTD News - cV-2 Mandates Repealed for USA Military

Military cV.2 Mandates/USA Repealed - No Reinstatement with Backpay. Forced Organ Harvesting.  Canada & Bloody Harvest - bans forced organ harvesting - now let's look at "gender affirming care" at tax payers expense in Canada?  The consequences of getting the jab. Report 

December 15. 2022

Alberta, Taking Back the Right To Bare Arms

Bill C-21 Alberta Style. Report

Russia /Ukraine - EU BLACKLISTS 144 Russian Celebs.

Pentagon, Russia out of ammo by early 2023. EU ministry of truth. Blades of Glory. U/2. EU BLACKLIST:  Boris Korchevnikov & Marina Evgenievna, Grigory Lepservidze, singer, Dmitri Puchkov, writer, Mikita Mikhalov, writer, Sergey Mikheev, writer.    Report 

CoV.2 - USA Military - Fight Back Against Mandates

Forced fake vaccines for military lead down a path of Lies by Fauci.  Report

USA and Canada Under Siege

In this report we see USA Stationed Globalists issuing their demands. Report . Name and point out the Canadian Globalist doing the  same to Canada. national policy - brothers were protesters and were banned in their time. 

December 13. 2022

The House

Conservatives on Iran, Gun Ban Bill C-21, Women's Rights, Canada's Porous Border. Report . 

How about freedom to protest in Canada?   Conspiracy Theories

NTD News - De Santis cV.2 Inquiry, Dr. Malone, Crypto Twitter Files 

DeSantis Seeks Grand Jury Probe of Covid Vax; US Charges FTX Founder With Illegal Campaign Donations. Report

UN WATCH Calls Out Iran  (again) & UN-Canada Bio-Diversity Agreement

UN Watch, as always, calls out IRAN for having the audacity to sit on the UN Council on Rights for Women. Will the UN finally remove Iran from the Council? Report  Montreal-UN Bio-diversity agreement Report

December 12. 2022

UNDRIP - C-21 

No Canadian Politician is talking about this. Report


Twitter. Arrest made over the bombing in 1988 Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerby Scotland. De-Transitioning a Navy Seal, child abuse. Apple hunger Strike. Report  -  CCP Lockdowns Report


Sunday, December 11 at 2:38 a.m. ET, SpaceX launch . . . This was the fifth launch and landing of this Falcon 9 first stage booster, which previously launched SES-22 and three Starlink missions. Watch

December 10. 2022

Military/USA Mandates - NTD NEWS

The Line in the Sand Report  - Bring Brittany Home!

China Uncensored Update (and the China- Nickelback connection?)

The seeds of a revolution in China rumbled to life with recent protests over strict zero cV.2 measures. YouTube censors world-wide solidarity protests with its citizens. The CCP's mouthpiece was stunned into silence and anger when asked if the CCP will be ending its' zero cV.2 measures soon.  Report (Google, you naughty communist).

December 09. 2022

Canada’s premiers hold news conference to address health-care demands

Canada's premiers call for a meeting with the prime minister and federal government in early January to broker a deal for increased health-care funding for the provinces and territories. Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson chairs the news conference in her capacity as chair of the Council of the Federation. Report - And then the Push Back.  - - -  Glok27 - - - Ireland

UK Funeral Director Discloses Business Stats, cV.2 Experience 

Stat Numbers Artificially Inflated: Report

China Uncensored update

 Zero cV.2. Lifting restrictions. Media arrests. Report

Nigeria Updates

Adeola: Nigeria: Report  - Arise News: Nigeria, Report - Nigeria Town Hall - Report LP, PDP, NNPP

December 08. 2022

Removing the Gate Keepers - Squamish First Nations 

Exhibit A: The Squamish Nation, leading by example. Report,   and  AFN 2022 Special Chiefs Assembly  

December 07. 2022

Trudeau Hires the Mob to Spy on Canadians

 Pierre responds to questions about the feds' contract for maintaining RCMP communications equipment, being awarded to a company with ties to the Chinese government, concerns over a Liberal amendment to the government’s gun control legislation (C-21), and the Bank of Canada's latest interest rate increase. Report

Twitter/FBI Collusion 

Elon fires Ex-FBI Baker. Hungary blocks EU loan. Report - Oil & Gas? Where from now?

December 06. 2022

Auditor general audits cV.2 benefits overpayments, vaccine dose waste

The first audit focuses on the procurement and access to COVID-19 vaccines, while the second examines a number of specific COVID-19 benefits including the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) and the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) for employers. . . the Public Health Agency of Canada’s efforts to minimize wastage were unsuccessful. More than 13 million doses expired before they could be donated. . . concludes overpayments of $4.6 billion were made to ineligible individuals, and that at least $27.4 billion of payments to individuals and employers should be investigated further. Report 

December 03. 2022

The De-industrialization of Europe

US Profits from Europe De-industrialization - TurkStream Gas Hub. Report - UK in Decline

Totalitarianism the new religion

The Utopian Ends Justifies Any And All Means to Reach That End. Report

December 02. 2022

Feds Double Down on CV2 Travel Restrictions & Mandates

The Federal Government doubles down on the imaginary covid pandemic. Report

Emergency Act Commission Last Day Experts Debate

The policy phase will consist of a series of round-table discussions to assist the Commissioner. Topic: Thresholds, Powers and Accountability under the Emergencies Act. Report

December 01. 2022

Bill C-36

The Health Professions and Occupations Act,  HPOA , officially replaces the Health Professions Act, making sweeping changes that will affect regulated health-care workers, including how their licenses to practice are managed and governed.

NCI - NATIONAL Citizen's Inquiry into the coV2 Response

Bait & Switch - The People's inquiry is: NCI, National Citizen's Inquiry

The Globalist Liberal/NDP inquiry is:  Federal Inquiry. Report