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Keep moving towards Freedom - Meet up with others

  • Barter my colloidal silver water
  • Offer my distillers for rent or barter for services
  • Professional wellness group.
  • Offer my home for wellness meetings

Meet Ups

Saturdays - 12:00 McDonalds
Sundays - 2:00 W. Beach
Wednesdays: 12:30 Nicks office
Fridays: 12:30 Nicks Office
Dec. 9th: 3:30 Candlelight Vigil Nuremberg Trials, Nick's office


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Locals - social media

Gettr - social media

Libtri - Canadian social media

Proton Mail - email

Boots on the Ground - community

Video Conferencing/encrypted-

Browser - Brave

Search Engines: Brave (not much in search capability yet IMHO)

eBay - online shopping

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