“Since feeling is first 

who pays any attention

to the s​yntax of things

will never wholly kiss you.” - E.E. Cummings 

When poets return from their vision quest writing, stand by the bugle calling. 

Then there is so much love poured out onto humanity at this time. So much war. So much equalization and ground shaking revelations for those whose time has come. 

- 27 January - 

Soviet Troops liberate Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi concentration camp. 1945

Canadian Freedom Truckers are in the trenches for us all.


- New Canadian Holiday - January 29 Freedom Day


When the time was right, they answered the call. What conviction, what grander connection to the greater good! It is no wonder that the WWII veteran salutes. Hail!

Check the new dedicated Freedom Convoy page for updates.

We are not alone, there are many of us standing up and saying no.

Welcome!  The heart adjusts accordingly to the radiance needed to feed the soul.  Decoupling, like walking over hot coals. We are the generation who walks the burning ground. 


It is easy to laugh at those who do not witness change. But, that act puts you in a place not unlike that which you think you have risen above. There is no out door. There is only one way after such and such. Haha freakin ha. Heart warriors assist where needed. 

Just because it defies logic and has wings 

does not make it an angel. Cultivate discernment.

 The exchange may be euphoria for slavery. 

Home Care?

You came to this website researching Home Care needs and you come across this front-line worker's blog? 

A lot has happened to us health care workers in the last few years. This is where I get to keep up to date on my interests in health, mental health, and humanity.  

Prov. 11:29

A Good Start

Bring it On

Soul Care.                                      You deserve it today. 

Through relationship               we serve.

Thank you for reading 

January 28, 2023


January 28, 2023

Ukraine update  - Hungary Refuses  NATO demand for weapons

January 28, 2023

Canada and The Agile Nations Charter - signed underhandedly with the WEF in 2020

January 27, 2023

Today in Myanmar - The Opium Industry Rules. 

January 27, 2023


January 27, 2023

The Corruption of the Pharmaceutical Industry

January 26, 2023

Pfizer sociopaths make the best employees - original video scrubbed by google (you naughty communist)

Intense scrubbing going on right now everywhere on-line.

January 26, 2023

Russian Foreign Minister Maria Zakharova

January 26, 2023

Media News

January 26, 2023

Canadians Speak Out

January 25, 2023

Earth Angels

January 24, 2023

First Nations Deal - proposal

January 23, 2023

Canadian Communism 

Canada First Agenda 

January 22, 2023

EU MEP Christine Anderson Visits Canada to Meet The Truckers 

A psychopath pleads his case. 

January 21, 2023

Stand Together Now!

January 20, 2023

Freedom Friends - update

Hello Freedom Friends,

This past Wednesday a little over 30 of us attended the Protest at MLA Simon's office on Marine Ave. in solidarity with the protesters at Premier Eby's office from 1pm to 3pm. Thank you to everyone who came out.

The protest was against the NDP government's plan to pass legislation forcing medical workers (provincial & private) into medical treatments or get fired!!! It was great to see and visit with those who joined in, carried signs and listen to Michael and Gerry play freedom songs. Good time! We had much support from passersby and some of the usual snears and fingers directed at us for standing up. You can't fix stupid, unfortunately.

Next Wednesday and the Wednesday after our group is going to do the same thing at the same time and place. Please, join in if you can. Lana also had a petition to sign which was for repealing Bill 36. It looked like there was a couple pages of signatures from those couple of hours. The petition will be availabe at the next protests for you to sign, too. Please, drop by and sign when you can. The more signatures the better. This is a province-wide initiative.

Tomorrow there is going to be another protest at the entrance to the Recreation Complex on Joyce Ave. Saturday @ 12:30pm

See attached flyer for kids vax clinic.

From Jerome...

Protests may not do much but with nearly every town in BC having a protest it does make a statement and asides from that we all get together and talk and take in some fun! Thanks for coming out-see you Saturday 12:30pm to protest against the babies being jabbed with the experimental mrna jab on the 21 of January at the entrance to the Powell River recreation complex. Pray for Saturday sunshine! It says 90% chance of rain for Saturday, pray, but bring a umbrella?!

From George...

Good morning everyone, this email is to remind everyone jabbing of children 6 months to 12 years with the Experimental Covid Gene Therapy Product will take place at the Complex tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 21st) and that a Peaceful Protest " Protect the Children" tomorrow, Jan. 21st, 12:30 PM at the intersection of the Complex Rd. and Joyce Ave. will take place. Jerome first advised of this several days ago.

Related to this subject is the attached (see below) Oct 23, 2022 email I wrote to the BC Government and copied to our email list.I specifically want again to draw your attention to the " demographic risk table " contained in that letter. Specifically the fatality and survival rate for 0 - 19 year olds. On what medical / scientific basis are they jabbing these children? For your information, not a single government official / employee responded to the Oct 23, 2022 email.

Hopefully everyone can attend tomorrow . If one child can be spared the risks from the jab, it will be worthwhile.

Cheers, George O

From: George Orchiston <[email protected]>

Subject: A Closer Look at the Covid Mortality Rate ⋆ Brownstone Institute

Date: October 23, 2022 at 12:55:59 PM PDT

To: Adrian Dix <[email protected]>, "Dr. Bonnie Henry PHO" <[email protected]>, David Eby <[email protected]>, John Horgan <[email protected]>, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Shirley Bond <[email protected]>, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Mike DeJong <[email protected]>, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Rob Fleming <[email protected]>, [email protected], [email protected], Sonia Furstenau <[email protected]>, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Norm Letnick <[email protected]>, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Michelle Mungall <[email protected]>, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Mary Polak <[email protected]>, Lana Popham <[email protected]>, Bruce Ralston <[email protected]>, [email protected], Linda Reid <[email protected]>, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Doug Routley <[email protected]>, John Rustad <[email protected]>, [email protected], Nicholas Simons <[email protected]>, Shane Simpson <[email protected]>, [email protected], [email protected], Ben Stewart <[email protected]>, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Ralph Sultan <[email protected]>, [email protected], Steve Thomson <[email protected]>, Jane Thornthwaite <[email protected]>, [email protected], Claire Trevena <[email protected]>, [email protected], [email protected], "Andrew Wilkinson, Q.C." <[email protected]>, John Yap <[email protected]>

Cc: Rachel Blaney <[email protected]>, [email protected], [email protected]

To all Politicians and Health Officials to whom this email letter is addressed, for the benefit of the people and with your eyes wide open, please take the time to inform yourself so that you may change your covid related policies that have so damaged the people and community.

The Oct. 23, 2022 article " A closer look at Covid Mortality Rate " linked here, by Mr. Ian Miller, discusses the recent study by John Ioannidis and associates on the topic.

John Ioannidis is one of America's leading public health experts, employed at Stanford University as Professor of Medicine in Stanford Prevention Research, of Epidemiology and Population Health,” as well as “of Statistics and Biomedical Data Science.

The Ioannidis study may be found linked in the Miller article or below in PDF format. 

In his article and referring to the Ioannidis Study, Mr. Miller asks, " So what did they find ? "

" The median infection fatality rate for those aged 0-59 was 0.035%.

This represents 86% of the global population and the survival rate for those who were infected with COVID pre-vaccination was 99.965%.

For those aged 0-69, which covers 94% of the global population, the fatality rate was 0.095%, meaning the survival rate for nearly 7.3 billion people was 99.905%.

Those survival rates are obviously staggeringly high, which already creates frustration that restrictions were imposed on all age groups, when focused protection for those over 70 or at significantly elevated risk would have been a much more preferable course of action.

But it gets worse.

The researchers broke down the demographics into smaller buckets, showing the increase in risk amongst older populations, and conversely, how infinitesimal the risk was amongst younger age groups.

Ages 60-69, fatality rate 0.501%, survival rate 99.499%

Ages 50-59, fatality rate 0.129%, survival rate 99.871%

Ages 40-49, fatality rate 0.035% survival rate 99.965%

Ages 30-39, fatality rate 0.011%, survival rate 99.989%

Ages 20-29, fatality rate 0.003%, survival rate 99.997%

Ages 0-19, fatality rate 0.0003%, survival rate 99.9997% (emphasis is mine)

They added that “Including data from another 9 countries with imputed age distribution of COVID-19 deaths yielded median IFR of 0.025-0.032% for 0-59 years and 0.063-0.082% for 0-69 years.” These numbers are astounding and reassuringly low, across the board. But they’re almost nonexistent for children".

I have previously written to Premier Horgan, BC Health Minister Dix, A.G. Edy and Chief Heath Officer Dr. Henry about their government's obsession with jabbing our babies and children with these, untested on humans, experimental gene therapies. Their Government continues to actively promote the jabbing of our babies and children while declaring to the public these jabs are safe.

In closing, with reference to the highlighted fatality and survival rates above, nothing better highlights the incompetence, misinformation and malfeasance by and from this Government than ignoring that pre-vaccination, children were at vanishingly small risks from COVID, that vaccination uptake amongst babies and children was entirely irrelevant since they do not prevent infection or transmission, and that mask usage is completely ineffective at protecting anyone. Especially for those who didn't need protection in the first place.

George Orchiston

Powell River, B.C.


Michelle Riddle went down to Eby Recall event in Vancouver on Wednesday where she was one of the speakers.

From Michelle...

The Bill 36 event was really great. So many very high caliber speakers with necessary messages.

Here are the links - in part 2, I speak at 1hr 30 min. Serena Freedom Bear is at 2hr 19 min

Thank you for all the support 💝

Part 2  Part 1

If you're not on Facebook you can see the videos from one of the organizers of event posted on their Bitchute account here...


Mayor to address questions about Powell River’s future. Powell River, BC – Newly-elected Powell River Mayor Ron Woznow will host a live forum on Saturday, January 28, 2023 for residents to ask questions and share ideas.

“The City is going through rapid change and as Mayor it’s my responsibility to ensure residents know first-hand what their city is doing to capture opportunities and deal with challenges. They have questions and it’s my responsibility to answer them openly and honestly. For our City to be successful, we need collaboration and commitment between City Council, staff and citizens. I fully expect there will be questions about housing, the City’s finances, development and crime.

Questions lead to ideas, and ideas lead to opportunities and solutions to challenges.

Meet the Mayor is on Saturday, January 28 from 2 to 4 pm in the Evergreen Theatre at the Recreation Complex.

Questions for Mayor Woznow should be emailed in advance directly to his office at [email protected]

Send questions and comments to the Mayor about whatever you want. [email protected]


From Tarl...

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

I have an abundance of organic fed pasture raised eggs!! See attached photo.

3527 Padgett Road



Sticker Shock for lettuce and vegetable prices...

In the last email I included an article from West Coast Seeds about growing arugula as lettuce and sprouts.

There's much that we can grow here on the coast in the winter. You can see in one of the pictures lettuce growing. That is in our greenhouse. I started it a bit late so it is not as large as we would like it but we have been thinning it and had a few salads with it this past week. Next year we'll be back to getting going earlier so we can have full heads of lettuce throughout the year.

We are experimenting with a few new things this year. One is sprouts. We've been meaning to do this for many years but finally got around to it last week. As you can see from the photo of the sprouts in the jar we got them growing. It was about a spoonful of alfalfa seeds in the jar with a screen lid. Rinsed a couple of times each day and at the end of the week we had that jar full of delicious, fresh sprouts to enjoy. We bought a second screen so we can now have two jars growing each week. Starting a few days apart.

You can pick up Sprouting Screens for mason jars at Mother Nature or directly from here...

You can also get many different sprouting seeds from this supplier in Saskatchewan... This is where we'll be ordering from in the future.

The other thing that we've started playing around with is a mini greenhouse in our sun room. See photo. We found this rack and tent unit on Amazon for about $60 and the LED grow lights were about $50. I looked at many and these ones were the cheapest and seemed to be of the same quality as the more expensive ones. I put the mini greenhouse together very easily and was actually impressed at how strong it actually is. Better than I was expecting. Don't get me wrong, this ain't a heavy duty unit. But, for growing seedlings, lettuce and whatever else it works great and will work for years.

I took a small lamp and put a 60 watt bulb in it to produce a bit of heat in the tent. It seems to raise the temperature about 10 degrees. In the sunroom it is about 48 degrees and in the tent with light on it is up to 58 - 60 degrees fahrenheit. I do have one heat mat which keeps one of the trays warmer and I have ordered 2 more to help the others. This may raise the overrall temp by a few degrees, too. We'll see.

Yesterday, Karen transplanted some of the lettuce from main greenhouse into the pots you can see in picture and put in mini greenhouse. These should grow much quicker now and we'll see how quickly we will be able to start eating these ones.

We can get a very early start with starting seeds for the garden and we'll be able to have more greens for the winter. Exciting times. Mini greenhouse...

LED grow lights...


Memorial Freedom Convoy - Sunday February 12th?

From Meghan...

Hey everyone, I want to run a memorial freedom convoy every year on Feb 13th or the closest weekend. This year maybe on sunday Feb 12th? This would be done by different groups in everyone's own city/town. The idea is to make an unofficial national holiday where we remember the hope and relief the Ottowa Convoy brought everyone and the harsh and unnecessary actions of govt, police and banks that happened on Feb 14th. Please put this out to your groups and let's make this a reality.

Contact me to let me know if want to do this, please. [email protected]

Hope and love,

Meghan Mckenzie

[email protected]

- Maybe this would be a good day to have a potluck after the rally. What do you think?


Druthers Urgent request...

The February issue is going to print next week and we have raised just $9,200 so far this month. That means we're only at 92,000 papers for February, so far. We can do better than that. I know this is a tough month for many, but if you are at all able, please pitch in a little. Or heck, if you can, pitch in a lot (calling all heavy hitters). Myself and many others fully believe Druthers is the single most potent tool the freedom movement has for helping more people begin to see bigger and start standing up. It is tremendously important that we keep this going strong.

Druthers has a large, passionate distribution network that can handle distributing at least 300,000 copies in a month. That's $30k per month we need to keep distribution flowing strong. Please know, we don't take any salaries or overhead from donated funds. 100% of donations go into printing papers and shipping skids to our hubs across the country.

We manage other expenses from postal subscriptions, merchandise & neighbourhood mail. DONATE HERE

Your support is vital to the continued success of Druthers.

Etransfers are welcomed: [email protected]

Donate with credit card or paypal here >>

WOW!! Our new Neighbourhood Mail service has been a great success. Since we launched this just a few months back we have printed and delivered nearly 200,000 extra copies of Druthers, right into mailboxes of entire communities all over Canada. Would you like your community blanketed with Druthers too?

Learn more about Neighbourhood Mail here.

Keep going everyone! We are making a difference.

Shawn Jason

& the Druthers Crew

- On a side note, I'll be picking up about 2000 copies of January Druthers edition soon and we'll be sending out around town again. Please, donate to help with this local initiative. Cash or cheques can be given directly to Jerome and Nadine.


From Ian...

At my place: Public Legal Education Meeting every Tuesday afternoon from 3pm to 5 pm (please call or text Ian at 604-208-9343 to confirm your attendance).

At Lang Bay Hall: Country Two Step every Monday and Wednesday, 6pm to 7pm. Lessons are $5.00 ea.

At Dwight Hall (downstairs): Self Defense Class - 3 hours training once a month. Need 20 participants for each lesson to keep costs down. $17.50 for each 3-hour session once per month in advance. Sponsored by Aikido Club. Contact person Patrick at 604-414-9558


Sources for the medications that are helpful but suppressed...

Ivermectin & HCQ

These messages were sent to me from people in the group about sources for Ivermectin & HCQ. They asked me to pass on to you for information purposes only. Apparently, these are legit but I'm offering no guarantees whatsoever.

This is what I was sent...

I thought I'd share the information below if you'd like to share with our group who may be interested in ordering "****mectin". I haven't enquired yet as to cost or quantity.

From: Liberty Talk <[email protected]>

Sent: January 4, 2023 11:42 AM

Subject: Re: Contact Info

You just email [email protected] and ask for it.

They are legit. I order from them.

Take Care,



This E-mail that I forwarded is from a place in Mexico who sells a variety of things, two of which are…. 1vermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. I have successfully ordered from them in the past. It does take a while…2-3 months for the pkg to arrive but it does arrive. To purchase you need to go to the store and at the bottom of the page just keep selecting the “load more” button until the Sasquatch sticker pkg (1vermectin) the Lifesaver stickers are the other medication.


Wormwood tea...

This is what I use and don't worry about finding the above medications. You can pick up a bag of Wormwood to make a tea down at Kelly's Health Shop on Marine Ave. I forget the price but am sure it is under $10.

It tastes horrible but if you squeeze some lemon in and add a spoonful of honey it becomes palateable. Not great tasting but it helps. Why take Wormwood tea? Because it is basically a natural Ivermectin. It has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years to treat parasites. I've used it many times and it seems to work. Whenever I start to feel ill (rarely now) I'll have a cup or two a day for a day or two of this horrible concotion along with mega doses of Vitamin C and D3 and use the nebulizer with hydrogen peroxide. I may have the feeling of a cold or something come on but I'm able to fight it very quickly and not even have to take a day off. Amazing but true.

In Truth, Freedom, Health and Love,



“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.” ―

Augustine of Hippo (St. Augustine)

 CANADA to the Elites: "Ukraine will Win" (the little people will pay the price) 


January 17, 2023

General of the French Army - Message to the Unvaccinated

Trudeau creates shadow government through contract obligations. 

Information Suppression - Egyptian Pyramids. Zahi Hawass, once again, continues on his quest to squelch independent research. Now, with his recently published book, it is evident that he has not learned or transcended his digressions. As usual, Hawass will not entertain possibilities beyond his pet convictions. Ask Graham Hancock. Egyptian archeology has stagnated to a show and tell market. But you can not have it both ways Hawass. If you want to dominate research to answer your what, when, and how questions, let's be open about that. But prohibiting research to answer other types of questions beyond your own theories should be a crime. It is certainly wearing old on Hawass, and so evident that leadership is not his best skill. Holding back research beyond his grasp of reasoning is a glaring reality of an agenda that does not have humanity as the centre of his interest - this is just cultural entertainment at this point. 

The End of the Universe - Maya's End - When Math Births a Human.

Asking the Right Questions is Key

January 16, 2023

Nigeria: Forced Money Change within the week. 

January 15, 2023

Language Policing

Hello Freedom Friends,

This past Monday we had a really nice potluck Capricorn birthday party.  It was so nice to see and visit with those who joined in for the evening.

Next month we'll have another birthday party.  This time it will be for Aquarius and of course all are welcome.  January 20 – February 18.  Or, we could just do it for those born in February and not bother with the zodiak.  What do you think?

Today is the Townhall and potluck lunch at Cranberry Hall which starts at 1pm.

Sunday, January 15th at Cranberry Hall at 1pm

All are welcome.

According to Jon we are using this new location to make it easier for those living in town or North of town.  As usual, there'll be good food and conversations.

Any questions call Jon @ (604)487-0633.


From Jerome...

January 18, Wednesday,  1 - 3pm  MLA Simon's office

Protest at MLA Simon's office against Bill 36

Protest at MLA Simon's office in solidarity with the protesters at Premier Eby's office on January 18 at 1pm to 3pm-protest is against the Govt’s plan to pass legislation forcing medical workers (provincial & private) into medical treatments or get fired!!!

(Make a sign with foam board from dollar store and 1” x 2” x 4’ piece of wood from Rona and short screws & washers)(or use what I have that’s available)


From Tarl...

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

I have an abundance of organic fed pasture raised eggs!!  See attached photo.

3527 Padgett Road



Sticker Shock for lettuce prices...

From West Coast Seeds.

Have you seen the price of greens these days? It's making keeping healthy NY resolutions tricky, indeed. Take the reigns by growing your own. Today, let's talk a peppery favourite, Arugula.

Annual arugula is rich in VIT A, C, + potassium. The plants are best harvested when young as they will develop a pungent, mustardy quality as they mature.

Growing Arugula

Direct sow every 3 weeks from early to late spring, and again in early fall. Optimal soil temperature: 4–12°C (40–53°F).

Sow no more than 5mm (0.2”) deep in well-drained soil in full sun. Thin to 10–15cm (4–6”) apart. Overcrowded plants will bolt earlier. Seeds germinate in 4–8 days, depending on conditions.

Pick baby greens or mature leaves as needed, or cut the entire plant down to 1” for regrowth. Quite a lot can be harvested several times from a short row. The hotter the weather, the spicier and tougher the leaves will be.

While patience is always key to gardening, lucky for you, you can enjoy the peppery taste now courtesy of Arugula Seeds from our microgreens collection...️all winter long.

You can pick up Sprouting Screens for mason jars at Mother Nature or directly from here...

You can also get many different sprouting seeds from this supplier in Saskatchewan...


Druthers - this month

We got 2,000 copies of December Druthers brought up to PR a few weeks ago and they went out to community a few days later.  400 copies of January issue was delivered to Jerome and he sent those out, too.

We had enough left in our donations to cover these mailings.  Can you donate a bit to help us get this excellent paper out around town in the future, please?  Donations can be given directly to Jerome and Nadine or etransferred to them here  [email protected] We get most of these newspapers for free but we pay for about 400.  Then we pay to have those and the ones I have brung up delivered by Canada Post.  It is very inexpensive to have them delivered so we can get many out.  About 17 cents per copy.  Very cheap.  So for 2,000 copies it costs about $340 for delivery each time.

Also, please donate what you can directly to Druthers. They are limited to the number of papers they can print depending on how much money comes in. It is 100% funded by people like you and me. Druthers truly is the People's Paper. Let's work hard to get the print run back to 500,000 per month.

donation page

donate by etransfer at [email protected]


Fun music video to check out...

Hi-Rez - 2+2=5 new music video starring Dr. Robert Malone and JP Sears. MUST WATCH


Cash is king!  Use it as much as possible, please.

Why should we pay cash everywhere with banknotes instead of a card?

- I have a $50 banknote in my pocket. Going to a restaurant and paying for dinner with it.

The restaurant owner then uses the bill to pay for the laundry.

The laundry owner then uses the bill to pay the barber.

The barber will then use the bill for shopping.

After an unlimited number of payments, it will still remain a $50 value, which has fulfilled its purpose to everyone who used it for payment and the bank has jumped dry from every cash payment transaction made.


IF I come to a restaurant and pay digitally via Card,

- the bank fees for my payment transaction charged to the seller are 3%, so around $1.50

( and so will be the fee of $1.50 for each further payment transaction )

-for the owner re laundry or

- payments of the owner of the laundry shop,

- or payments of the barber etc.....

Therefore, after 30 transactions, the initial $50 will exist at only about $5 and the remaining $45 has become the property of the banks … thanks to all of the digital transactions and fees!

Use it or lose it folks…

Once it’s gone we won’t get it back!

Cash is king!


Stages of Awakening

What stage are you at?  Check out attached photo.

It's funny but also is so true.  I think we all have experienced each of these at different times and probably fluctuate between different ones on different days.

In Truth, Freedom, Health and Love,



“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.” ―

Augustine of Hippo (St. Augustine)

January 14, 2023

Theosophical Society, International President - New Year Speech - The Choice To Be Whole

Your Kid's Teacher

January 10, 2023

Military Grade Psyops  Deployed on the World - Epoch Times - Report

January 6th, HOAX 

Soros Funding Hamas

January 9, 2023


Republicans have a voice in the people's house for the first time in four years. 

January 6, 2023


January 5, 2023


Michelle G. Remple: Canadians - Dark Times Ahead - Pierre Poilievre 

January 2, 2023


Happy New Year Freedom Friends,

May this note find you well, happy and content with the past few weeks of the holiday season, hopefully, spending time with friends and family.  

It was great to be able to meet up with some of you recently.  We need to do more of that whether around a cup of coffee by the fireplace, on a walk by the water or another potluck.  It's good for the soul.

The past few years have reminded many of us of how important it is to have friends that you we can talk to.  It is heartbreaking to have lost friends over the BS we've been dealing with these past few years but it is certainly wonderful to have all the new friends that many of us have come to know.

As weird and different that 2022 was I'm happy for the good times and I'm really looking forward to the adventures of 2023 that are on the way.  Who knows what will happen but it will certainly be interesting.

As for a review of this past year no one does it better than JP Sears.  I'll leave it with him.

A wrap up of the most traumatizing events of 2022 to re-traumatize you from JP Sears.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

― Margaret Mead


One of the books that I read this past month was Alex Jones' The Great Reset And The War For The World.

Much of what he talked about most of us already know or are aware of. But, one of the chapters was devoted to Technocracy and he was interviewing Patrick Wood. Patrick is author of a number of books on technocracy and has a website about it, too .  

Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton. Here's a recent podcast of with him being interviewed...

I've heard of him before but didn't look into him much before.  However, it sounded interesting so I found some podcasts of his and started listening.  He's only got about one for this past year on his podcast channel but he has almost 250 of them which he did on a regular basis up til late 2020.  He has been researching the deep state / cabal / technocrats since 1970's so he has a lot of knowledge on the subject of how we got in this mess we are living in these days.  If you're interested in hearing some of his podcasts you can find them here.  Fascinating person to learn from...

In one of his interviews from a couple years ago he mentioned an author and a speaker I had never heard of before, Shoshana Zuboff.  Shoshana Zuboff is the author of The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. She reveals a world in which technology users are the raw material for new procedures of manufacturing and sales that define an entirely new economic order: a surveillance economy.

Naomi Klein, author of This Changes Everything wrote: "From the very first page I was consumed with an overwhelming imperative: everyone needs to read this book as an act of digital self defense."

Worth listening to. One of the other books that I read was Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's In The First Circle.  It is the story of a brilliant mathematician who finds himself locked in a Moscow prison filled with the country’s brightest minds and must decide whether to aid Stalin’s repressive state.

"Moscow, Christmas Eve, 1949.The Soviet secret police intercept a call made to the American embassy by a Russian diplomat who promises to deliver secrets about the nascent Soviet Atomic Bomb program. On that same day, a brilliant mathematician is locked away inside a Moscow prison that houses the country's brightest minds. He and his fellow prisoners are charged with using their abilities to sleuth out the caller's identity, and they must choose whether to aid Joseph Stalin's repressive state—or refuse and accept transfer to the Siberian Gulag camps . . . and almost certain death."

This was another treasure that I found at a local used book store.  Apparently, the 1968 edition that I got had a number of chapters deleted before release.  There is a new edition that I'll have to read at some point that has those chapters included.  

Either way, totally worth reading.


From Cathy...

~ This year, dear friends, may we all lose weight!

The weight of expectations. The weight of self-criticism. The weight of disconnect that fills us with a deeper hunger. The weight of not always loving. The weight of a worn and weary world. Of not always accepting, seeing and inhabiting this precious and sacred body, that we're in.

~ This year, dear friends, may we all exercise!

...our holy will! Our sacred sense of purpose. Our vision and hard-earned wisdom. Our discernment and our shining hearts. In ways that enrich connections, with our bodies, our souls and those we love. And even to the world. 

~ This year, ah yes... may we all start the work of quitting...

...that collective Kool-Aid. The negative self-talk. The small-a**ed living. That cacophony of cockatoo-voices that drown out our souls. And old habits: Those used to stop us hearing our pain, our disappointments, and all things much better loved, seen and accepted right down to the very bottom ~ and to find true freedom, through a connection with our deepest souls.


~ This fine new year, (well, here's the best...) May we all be rich!

Yes, utterly and completely rich. Wildly and unapologetically. Rich in love. Life. Connection with one another and all that really matters. Filled to the brim and bubbling over; more again and spilling over that. Full of laughter, acceptance, joy, and less of worry. Less of sorrow

~ Rich in renewed experience, of a whole new year! 

Happy 2023, dear friends!

~Rachel Alana (R.A Falconer)

Midwives of the Soul


From Brian Peckford...

Deliberate Deception —The Canadian Federal’ Emergencies Act. ‘

I wake up almost every morning thinking of this abomination!

Parliament voluntarily giving up its power!

One of the most egregious acts of Parliament in the modern era by providing in law, legislation which mandates that the Federal Government can conduct conflict of interest measures like an inquiry , to examine itself.

Can you imagine the Parliament of Canada actually, deliberately bestowing power by law upon the Government to examine itself?

That’s what happened when the Emergencies Act was introduced to replace the War Measures Act by the Conservative Government of Brian Mulroney.

So the whole idea was/is that if the Government of the Day invokes this Act —declares an emergency and gains all this extra powers that when it is all over, there is to be an Inquiry to determine whether the Government acted properly under the Act .

Here is the Authority The Parliament ‘gave’ to the Government to examine itself.

63 (1) The Governor in Council shall, within sixty days after the expiration or revocation of a declaration of emergency, cause an inquiry to be held into the circumstances that led to the declaration being issued and the measures taken for dealing with the emergency 

Report to Parliament
(2) A report of an inquiry held pursuant to this section shall be laid before each House of Parliament within three hundred and sixty days after the expiration or revocation of the declaration of emergency.

For those unversed in Government terminology The Governor Of Council means the Cabinet—essentially the Government.

This Act was introduced by the Honourable Perrin Beatty who was the Defence Minister at the time.

It is under this Section 63(1) the the Trudeau Government earlier this year outlined the terms of reference and appointed a Commissioner.

And if it is possible , it gets worse!!!!

Everybody goes along with this charade !!!

As if it has some semblance of legitimacy.

A Government examining itself.


When reformers were campaigning for legislatures before Confederation they were campaigning for representative government , citizens were to have a voice through a duly elected legislature.

But more , they were also campaigning for responsible government where the Cabinet of the Government of the Day would be composed of people who were elected to that legislature . In other words accountability of the Government to the legislature or Parliament.

Nova Scotia achieved Responsible Government in January 1848, and in March of the same year the Province of Canada( Ontario and Quebec) and New Brunswick and three years later Prince Edward Island and in 1855 Newfoundland.

So are we now having Parliament retreating to the 1840’s —by giving up the power that was hard won even before Confederation?

Source : Responsible Government— The Government of Canada—Robert MacGregor Dawson—University of Toronto Press , First Printing 1947

More from Brian Peckford everyday here...


From Jerome...


The Cabal’s torture strategy had worked brilliantly. People had become lethargic and simply failed to notice the insane amount of cases of thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms, strokes, serious heart problems, and miscarriages.  People dropped dead live on TV, but all that was taken in was the ever repeating slogan: “The Covid vaccines are safe and effective…” In reality, the Covid vaccines contained a deadly poison, killing some people immediately, others within weeks or months.

The corporate media and the political establishment are trying to move on from the covid-19 scamplandemic that saw the overthrow of the USA presidency and ushered in a two-year tyranny of covid-19 madness mandates! -All of a sudden it's all about inflation, climate change, gun control measures, the Ukraine War (which is the clean out of CIA, neo Nazi’s, human trafficking, money laundering, bioweapon labs).

We are not ready to just forget what our governments did to us, what they did to Canadian society over the last few years. We won’t let them sweep things under the rug and move on. We demand accountability and all criminals to be held to the highest level of the rule of law.

We will never forget how the NDP-Liberal government destroyed our economy and small businesses with lockdowns. We will never forget their discriminatory and unscientific vaccination policies - these are experimental mRNA noxious substances injections-they were never safe and never effective-massive harms, injuries and deaths have occurred (they are illegal under the Nuremberg Code which Canada agrees with. We will never forget how they turned families and friends against each other over personal medical decisions-we will never forget that they closed down churches, small businesses, but, kept abortions going, liquor and dope stores open, big box stores stayed open as well. We will never forget how the Liberal/NDP coalition Govt attacked peaceful protestors in Ottawa by abusing the emergency war measures act and how provincial governments participated in destroying families and friends relationships and caused division throughout our country over a flu. 

-We will never forget the brave and courageous truckers and their supporters who stood and held the line against the Govt’s illegal, immoral and unconstitutional unjustified mandates and forced jabs for jobs! We will never forget those who got arrested for challenging their ridiculous rules, orders, and mandates. We will never all who stood proudly with our brave truckers during the Freedom Convoy January 29th 2022 (our new Canada Day holiday celebration)!


From Jon...

Next Townhall meeting and potluck

The next Town Hall meeting is scheduled on January 15th at Cranberry Hall at 1pm for potluck lunch and conversation.

We are using this new location to make it easier for those living in town or North of town. More details will emerge as we plan the event.

In solidarity,




From Ian...

At my place:    Public Legal Education   Meeting every Tuesday afternoon from 3pm to 5 pm (please call or text Ian at 604-208-9343 to confirm your attendance).

At Lang Bay Hall:   Country Two Step   every Monday and Wednesday, 6pm to 7pm. Lessons are $5.00 ea.

At Dwight Hall (downstairs):    Self Defense Class - 3 hours training once a month. Need 20 participants for each lesson to keep costs down. $17.50 for each 3-hour session once per month in advance. Sponsored by Aikido Club.  Contact person Patrick at 604-414-9558


Social Media links...

We've got 3 FB pages / groups in town.  If you're not following or a member yet you can join in at the links here:

Powell River Message Board (Free Thinking)

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Powell River Businesses Against The Health Pass

We have a Telegram group, too.  You have to ask to join with your phone number as that is how Telegram works.  Download it first then ask either myself or someone else in the group to add you.


If you want to pass this email onto your friends who are awake to what is going on you are welcome to.  It would be nice to grow our group and let others know that they are not alone.

Happy New Year,

In Truth, Freedom, Health and Love,



The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.” ―

Augustine of Hippo (St. Augustine)


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