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March 31, 2023. Why would Milley and Lloyd not initiate intensive military recruitment campaigns, and instead promote confusion within base and very deep levels of foundational values within the ranks? Because the BBB agenda includes psyops thinking at depths unseen by most of us today. Today, the soldiers are us, we are being recruited everyday (2+2=5). The protestors out on the streets may start out to be you and me, but we will be quickly used as fodder for a larger war between super tribes. I think that this was the whole idea behind the statue of Liberty. I Hope France has another trinket for when all of this is over. 

The hard work of being Left in Israel - WHAT DEDICATION! Lord Foul must be laughing in his cave. 

March 29, 2023  - "As church bells ring over France . . . " John Kerry

March 27, 2023


Adobe Creative Cloud, Initiative - Firefly/Provenance, mark-up on content - Generative AI (in beta)

Cryptography in Camera Manufacturing, Media tools - criminal investigations. 51:17? Where is all of that funding stream coming from? | AI  Art | Starting the conversation - Canada - Bill C-47

March 25, 2023 

Mexico President Supports President Trump

Cutting into my business - stop it. 

March 23, 2023

I think that this may be a "You're All On Notice" to all EU members - so this is how it's done. How can this not be surrendering to a foreign power. Talk about gender benders - is Canada that desperate for a surrogate queen? The question is not in the presence but in the lack of depth. And maybe a little inquiry into the reality that von der Crazy may not even be a real full human.  

Transgender not allowed in Women's Sports.

Canada: So It Begins -  Recovery model through the judicial system (by extending options). A logical start to get back to normal. Bill-C283. I wonder if Tracy is originally from my area? If she is, I may have a connection from many years ago. 

Marco Mendicino, Liberals Oppose Bill-C283 -

March 21, 2023  

Lord Foul, I mean, George Soros - The War on Drugs and human trafficking - the clarion call to war is the UN - the entity who will be entrusted to dispense "truth." Using Cannabis to enter the funding .stream. They don't care about the product they are selling. In the end, this is BLM in a different sweater. These people aren't smart enough to create new models for a little creativity in their dark work - they just superimpose the same model over various social issues to enter the funding stream of the Build Back Better directive.  I guess this is what you do with a Social Justice degree. Thank your local higher educational systems for this crap.  

Great haven for criminals and racists - criteria for joining New York groups of "regulators?"  By the way: I am hearing rumblings of the UN damaging the relationship that healers have with their clients needs in regards to coco leaf. There is a lot going on here in terms of the acquisition of good drugs for humanity. I associate this regulation by the UN not unlike Nestle going around the world claiming ownership of water resources. UNODC Engagement with Civil Society on Drugs and Crime 

March 20, 2023


Failure of String Theory - The Quackery of Physicists & Quantum Gravity

 The Injection of Artificial Positivity Conditions to Settle Down the Universe

In Order To Meet the Requirement of Outdated Models.  

. . . where conspiracy theories come to roost . . .

and the danger of distraction

Light is known by what it Reveals

Revelation pushes Evolution

Life through Desire through the dim light of Personality

Radiance of the Light of the Soul is the Greater

The Soul is Always Uniting/Interfacing Things

Soul Consciousness - Two Forces Interfacing - Spirit @ Form

Agencies of Becoming=Personality Interfacing w/Soul

To Be

To See All Things As If Within Oneself Without An Ounce of "I"ness In That Scene

The Lighted Lamb - The World Disciple 

I see and when the eye is open all is illumined 

The Vertical Connection With the Cloud of Witnesses 

Alan Corp. : There's a dead man in all of us

March 18, 2023


In war men pass like shadows that stain the grass,

Leaving their lives upon the green:

While Earth bewails the crimson sheen,

Men's dreams and stars and whispers all helpless pass.

In one red shadow by woe and wicked cast,

In one red pool about his feet,

Berek mows the vile like ripe wheat,

Though of all the Beauty's guarders he is last:

Last to pass into the shadow of defeat,

And last to feel the full despair,

And leave his weapons lying there-

Take his half unbranded hand from battle seat.

Across the plains of the Land they all swept-

Treachers lust at faltering stride

As Berek fled before the tide,

Till on Mount Thunder's rock-mantled side he wept.

Berek! Earthfriend! - Held and weal,

Battle-aid against the foe!

Earth gives and answers Power's peal,

Ringing. Earthfriend! Help and heal!

Clean the Land from bloody death and woe!

~ The Legend of Berek Halfhand

16 March 2023


Alleged civic disruptors (George Soros - conspiracy theory, yes. All references to uncle George moving forward acknowledges that he is just a conspiracy theory. That ok? Thanks! ) on the ground to disrupt elections.

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida promised to turn the page on years of animosity at a meeting, putting aside their difficult, shared history and pledging to work together to counter regional security challenges.

Jiang Yanyong, the Chinese military surgeon who blew the whistle on a cover-up of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) in Beijing, died on March 11, 2023, at age 91, according to sources. Jiang revealed that Chinese authorities were under-reporting the severity of the 2003 Sars outbreak in the Chinese capital, bringing them under intense international and domestic pressure. The move spurred the government to mount a massive response campaign to manage the epidemic, which claimed nearly 800 lives worldwide.

March 15, 2023

Propaganda Video - Focus of Attacks is on PAK's Military - petitioning for recruits

March 13, 2023    2+2=5

March 12, 2023

Your Modern Socialist Government Talking to Media - CBC is getting there, keep it up, good potatoes

YOUTUBE campaigns conspiracy theory warnings on WHO videos.  The warning on this video can be seen when watching on youtube page.  

Switzerland Standing Ground

March 11, 2023



March 10, 2023

March 10, 2023

Pakistan is pulling US into boarder terror with India in an effort to play Gollum "it burns." India says, no. We don't negotiate with terrorists. Rightly so. Oops. I used a Tolkien reference. Doesn't that make me a populist? 

Germany throws Race directed comments toward Africans for Engagement with Russia

South Africa battles with infiltration of civic disruptors on the ground. Backfires.

March 8, 2023

At a cellular level their ancestors must be (bitch-slapping) calling. As far as I am aware, there has been zero effort by these people to bring an end to this war. We have been through a lot in terms of psyops. We're getting good at this. The "our problem is your problem, and your problem is your problem," as India has already pointed out, is glaring here in this meeting. Dangerous rhetoric because they are desperate. I guess I am a populist by Euro-Con standards - I am sure they will come up with their reasons why. We must start with admitting that change is imminent first (will take us into WWIII), to move into diplomatic dialogue. An ultimatum may have worked before technology weaved humanity so much closer together, but at Maya's End we stand together, without blame, face to face. 

Was Petras Auštrevičius, a Lithuanian liberal politician, diplomat, strategist for the Ukraine war, a civil society activist, a former member of Seimas, and since 2014, a member of the European Parliament, fake scribing with a MontBlanc? No, maybe a Waterman.  

António Guterres (UN Secretary-General) & Volodymyr Zelensky – English at 7:42

March 7, 023

WHO - Australia - Canada on same trajectory. Enforcements have not been reduced. 

March 6, 2023

The Moon Walk Tedros

March 5, 2023

Americans Go Home - No More NATO

Christine Fighting for We The People at the European Union

António Guterres, UN Chief Secretary, playing the blame game. How far will the UN go to get their way? Destination unknown. What "reforms" is he talking about? Of course climate change is used as a weapon. Stirring the pot? Weaponization of globalism? Google says, "watch this video on youtube website only"

Iran Nuclear Program

March 5, 2023

Mask Compliance: Everyone wears a mask except the CCP family and those whom they appoint. These are Trudeau's besties. To be sure, Trudeau expected Canadians to follow suite before the Freedom Convoy exploded on the scene. Sometimes the difference between heaven and hell is one small choice made in a busy moment that shows up as a burning necessity, that takes you in a different direction from what is most familiar. Sometimes the inconvenience of standing up and saying no outweighs the heat that that act reports. TANKERS

March 4, 2023

March 3, 2023

India - The Lighthouse In The Tempest 

 Pakistan has been banned from making speeches on local channels


March 2, 2023

March 1, 2023 - updated pages: freedom convoy

Teacher's Union Boss - Got Stiffed On The Deal 

Neo-Euro-War Mongers - You Must Think Like Us - India Tries To Educate, Unlikely To Take