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Uncle George   freakin paper. 

Anti Semitic? -  business model

Soros-Aristata - ESG litigation 

Mandated - Termination

Soros Refuges - More Wanted

The Hidden Health Crisis - SOS

National Citizen Inquiry  Day Two

Action4Canada - update

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Canadian Soc. Science & Ethics

Conference - Reclaiming Canada

Werner Von Braun, a Nazi SS, absorbed into Western society, worked for NASA until his retirement. 

Climate Change Business 

Climate Depot

May 30, 1431 – Hundred Years' War: In Rouen, France, the 19-year-old Joan of Arc is burned at the stake by an English-dominated tribunal. 

May 29, 2023

A coalition of 23 Republican AGs  - sent a letter - to the chief executives of several financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs, urging them to ensure that their votes on ESG issues as asset managers for other companies were not inconsistent with their own boards’ reasoning in recent votes to reject the implementation of ESG proposals.

In the letter, the AGs assert that all of the financial institutions’ shareholders recently considered one or more resolutions related to combatting climate change that were unanimously rejected by their boards. The oppositions were allegedly grounded in concerns (1) that management needs discretion to manage risk on a case-by-case basis, and (2) that the climate goals underlying the proposals were not feasible.

The AGs noted that they are cognizant of outside pressures to vote a certain way, but reminded the companies that their fiduciary duties require them to act solely in the financial interests of their clients. Therefore, the AGs assured the companies that they would be closely watching the companies’ votes during the proxy season and warned that any inconsistent votes may trigger investigations by the AGs’ offices. Extended descriptive of the letter

May 27, 2023 - China - Second Lock-Down. Disruptive Attacks. 

STOP FENTYNL ACT. The Republican-led bill bipartisan support in a 289-133 vote. The only Republican who voted 'no'  on the Act is Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky.

May 26, 2023 - Calling Out Marxism Where We See It. 

May 25, 2023 - The Harm Reduction Model Is Killing Canada. 

March 23, 2023  - W.H.O - How Will We Respond Next Time Around?  Lock Down Again? 

May 19, 2023 - Art is the Child of the Gods. Today we look into the eyes of degeneration and mendacity. 

What is Freedom? What is Truth? What Are The Current three entanglements? Which entanglements are controlled by whom/what spiritual Agencies? Is humanity capable of disentanglement from underlaying forces in order to become economically, politically, culturally, & spiritually free? Scientific Madness in an unbelievable time where Greater Society must search for their own roots in order to work in Harmony with spiritual forces of Truth.  

"The Anglo-American world may gain world dominion; but without the Threefold Social Order it will, through this dominion, pour out cultural death and cultural illness over the whole earth; for these are just as much a gift of the Azuras as lies are a gift of Ahriman, and self-seeking, of Lucifer. So the third, a worthy companion of the other two, is a gift of the Azuric powers!" - Rudolf Steiner 1919

Freedom from the Swamp - an examination of the entanglements of the three strands of humanity

1. Economic Life

2. Political Life of Rights

3. Spiritual/Cultural Rights

To avoid perishing under the utterly devoid and degenerate Spiritual Life and Life of Rights, we have to dive into the three-fold human social organism. The social organism that has built up the Economic Life out of independent roots. 

The Economic Life, which wants to manifest but cannot if there is no Life of Rights and no Spiritual/Cultural Life, which would manifest and move into it in Freedom. 

These things have deep roots in the whole of human evolution and human Social Life. 

We shall have to search for these roots. People must be made aware of the fact that down there, down on the ground, the Economic Life is creeping along, interwoven with Anglo American habits of thought.

And that, it would only be able to send tendrils upward if it works in harmony with the whole world, with what-ever capabilities that others have. 

Otherwise the attainment of world domination will be its doom.

- adapted from above Rudolf Steiner video. 

May 19, 2023 - PSYOPS -  Pfizer Creates Its Own Conspiracy Theory for Directed Evolution/Gain of Function

May 19, 2023 - Conspiracy Theories & One World Government.  

May 17, 2023 - Treatment for Addictions in Canada. Something I have been vocal about. We need choices and the Harm Reduction Model has failed the longevity test. I can think that my voice was heard and that I played a part in this change through online and on the ground community advocacy for treatment options.

Anti treatment and anti-choice groups have formed to push back against "forced treatment" at the judicial level. The opponents who are fighting back against the recovery model are citing stats that are suppose to prove that harm reduction and safe injection sites work. We are not idiots. We know that the pen that scribes the values is also the scribe attached to interests for keeping the programs running.  People want options. You cannot force the entire world to buy into this one model and be done with it. That is so global ideocracy. 

May 16, 2023 - Natural Resources Canada held 'safe space' seminar for bureaucrats traumatized by the Freedom Convoy

   Thrills with Quills. Roses are Red and So Is Blood. 

May 14, 2023 - Out for a ride in the afternoon. Music jam tonight. 

May 12, 2023

~ Archetypes of Controlled Madness ~

Batman Angst: "What Type Of Bat AM I"?

Psyche: "I am so over that Archetype."

The acting out or exploitation of Archetypes is almost always fatal.

It is best left to a ceremonial order where it is measured with care and beauty. 

Don't feed the beast.

 May 10, 2023. Rockefeller Foundation’s New Focus On Climate Change Signals The Next Phase Of The Great Reset

May 9, 2023 - SARS C.V.2 Death - Bullying and Harraassment -  CORRUPT  UNION - NO HELP

May 9, 2023 - CANADA -  Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development  - 

May 8, 2023 Canada - C18, Google, & Meta


May 6, 2023  - COVID SUMMIT TODAY - The Reset

May 6, 2023

The Natura 2000 Scheme. The EU  and WEF backs a Dutch Government plan to confiscate and shut down up to 3,000 farms to meet its climate agenda. Those who refuse the buy-out scheme will be forced off of their land and left with no compensation. 

The Brussels unelected European Commission is backed by the Netherlands Prime Minister, Mark Rutte,  wo is also a contributor to the World Economic Forum.

May 4, 2023  Michio Kaku Responds To Eric Weinstein - sort of. Kaku fans trashing Eric on Reddit.  

May 3, 2023 -  DHARMA - Something Forcefilled This Way Comes


The Psychology of Motion

by,  Monadic Media, 

The Electric Bridge: Episode Seven - The Electrical Alchemist

A new upload from Monadic Media is always an exciting day - 

The Electrical  Alchemist - Psychology Today on the Esoteric Side. YAH!  

I am a weaver of Fohatic Enterprise.  We are yet few on this planet. May humanity recognize the seven centres of force  for the unfoldment of one's soul purpose. Blessed Be! 

May 5th 2023 Wesak Festival. I take the time to meditate & speak directly to the world Soul Guides.

Fohat - The essence of Cosmic Electricity. The grandfather of electricity.

The Antahkarana - the bridge to take me there. What A Ride. 


ASPECT RAYS - The Trinity

Ray 1 - Will -Power: Electric Fire Life Sprit +  

Ray 2 - Love- Wisdom: Solar Fire Quality Soul + 

Ray 3 - Active Intelligence: Fire By Friction Body Appearance  

1. Life  2. Quality 3. Appearance    

1. Spirit 2. Soul 3.Body.  

1. Will 2. Wisdom 3. Intelligence

Form Building Motions - Electromagnetic Activity 

Operates on All Planes of the Solar System

Ray 1 - Electric Fire, - Positive

Life, Spirit, Energy, Will-Power, Father, Circle, Linear (foreword progressive motion)

Ray 2 - Solar Fire - Balanced

Quality, Soul, Consciousness, Love-Wisdom, Child, Triangle, Spiral (cyclic motion)

Ray 3 - Fire By Friction - Negative

Appearance, Body, Matter, Active Intelligence, Mother, Square, Rotary (rotary motion)


RAYS OF ATTRIBUTES From The Three, The Seven

Techniques in Behaviour Modifications, Awareness, & Outcomes

1. Power. Purpose. Grasping Behaviour. Dynamically Electrified Substance

2. Love. Love. Attracting Behaviour. Magnetically Electrified Substance

3. Activity. Intellect. Selecting Behaviour. Diffusely Electrified Substance - from Active Intelligence comes forth: 

  • 4. Beauty. Unification. At-one-ing Behaviour. Harmoniously Electrified Substance.
  • 5. Science. Discriminating. Differentiating Behaviour. Crystalizing Electrified Substance.
  • 6. Idealism. Sensitivity. Responding Behaviour. Fluidic Electrified Substance.
  • 7. Organization. Appearance. Coordinating Behaviour. Tangibly Electrified Substance.

Locations of the Seven Rays in the Energy Centres

1. Head, Samsara

2. Heart, Anahata

3. Throat, Vishuddha

  • 4. Base of Spine, Muladhara
  • 5. Third Eye, Ajna
  • 6. Solar Plexus, Manipura
  • 7. Sacral, Savahishthana


Replacing Gravity- Based Cosmology with the Electric Bridge 

The Science of Synthesis Through the Nature of Metals

1.  Transmutation. The Breakdown of existing forms and consciousness and the escape of the essence within the form.

The Heart & Mind (organs of consciousness) combine to distill what is needed. 

The Heart = attracts/gathers the necessary forces to accomplish a goal.

The Mind = separates, repels, & blends what needs to be transmuted. 


- Soul Ray -

The Science of Synthesis

Personality Ray

- Mental Ray

- Emotional Ray

- Physical Ray. 


May 2, 2023 - Tuesday - Day Four

Getting back to making herbal products, I ordered a few pounds of Arnica flowers today,  as I am adding Arnica to my medical supplies. I will make Arnica salve when the flowers arrive.  Arnica gel works wonders too.

I use Rosehips to make quite a few things.  I use to pick Rosehips every year in September for many years. Last December I placed an order for pounds of rose hips from Bulgaria because what I was picking was not enough for sharing my rose hip drink. As a herbal forager, it does feel weird ordering product, but it is a lot easier.  Rose hips are very labour intensive to work with. You can use them without deseeding, but I need to deseed them for my uses. So getting them already deseeded is great.  

I use Comfrey a lot - it's standard in my medical supplies.

I have tested positive for covid today so I have to stay away from everyone for a while. It was likely picked up at an event on Saturday. People have been contacted.  I am also doing Ivermectin. 

May 3, 2023. Still testing positive. Ivermectin is working.

May 4, 2023.  As yesterday.  

May 2, 2023

Come, Kill Me Now. The headline sounds benign until you see who they've mocked. Oh my God, you don't mess with Kali. Talk about a fool shooting himself in the head. There is no excuse for this suicidal call-out for self- annihilation. And it can not be taken back. Yikes. I guess some people do not know what they are messing with and  these EU war mongers just don't know how to stop. More Cowbell Needed. Hold on to your heads. Nicely played, for an Idiot.  Gather The Mehndi connecting forces of light. 

May 1, 2023 - May Day