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November 23rd, 2021 - Shot One

I have been financially threatened and coerced should I do not comply to be injected with a FAKE vaccine. The injection is today at 4:15. My doctor refuses to grant me a medical exemption. I told my GP that this is a crime. He said he has no power to change orders. I have served PRGH with "Vaccination Injury Liability" documents and the entire event is documented. All future medical adverse reactions will be documented here. I have absolutely no swelling or rashes on my body at this time due to my allergies. I feel like I am in very good health. I do not eat processed foods. I drink my own rose hip tea daily. No caffeine. No alcohol. No drugs.  

BCGEU's response: 

Hi Giovanna,

You are able to file a grievance against a termination, but our opinion is that grievances filed against terminations that are required by the Provincial Health Order will not be successful, and that the Employer is allowed to require workers to be vaccinated under the Provincial Health Order.

In solidarity,

Sean Antrim

Staff Representative


I went to a local rec centre to get injected with the FAKE vaccine. I was encouraged to received the Moderna dose. So I chose the Pfizer. I was encouraged to get injected in my left arm so I chose my right.  There was a very young mother in line ahead of me with three babies at her feet. She went in for her FAKE shot ahead of me. After her FAKE vaccine shot she fell to her knees in front of her babies and cried uncontrollably. No nurse came to her aid to help her through her anguish. One of her babies put his little hand on his mommy's shoulder to give her strength. All of the nurses ignored her. The volunteer staff all walked past her. When she got some strength, she left with her babies in tow. I sat in my chair after my own FAKE vaccine shot for a few minutes, although I was told to remain for 30 minutes, I could not stand what I was witnessing, and I too left. 


N​ovembe​r 24th, 202​1 - Second Day Effects

Today my arm at the injection point feels bruised. I experienced lucid dreaming all night long,  This morning my thinking remains clear. 11:00am - sharp pulsating pain at the injection site.


November 25th to 29th, 2021 - head aches, stomach upsets, shallow breathing

Headaches during the night, pounding irregular heartbeat. 

November 30th 2021. Heart pounding, disturbed sleep every night. 

December 1, 2021 - Dripping with sweat non stop. Exhausted. Full body aches. Stomach upset. Feeling sick. Nasty lucid dreams since the shot. Dizziness. Burning stomach. Bad day today.