Soul Care For Humans

Initiatory Path of Discernment

The human journey has been marked with universal signs and a common language that our subconscious recognizes and is very familiar with. Therefore, the human needs only to remember in order to grow. Throughout the ages wisdom keepers have set up visual aids that the human  can access as direction markers. Remarkably strong outside forces also use these signs and universal language to sway the human hither and yon. Your conscious journey starts here: BOTA - keys

Human Engagement - The Klee

The klee is a container, a testing ground. The place where you gather together with other humans, where-ever that may be, to test yourself, your sixth sense, to work out the kinks and to be human in creation. Where other humans who are also learning to develop themselves for the betterment of the human experience, share in a safe environment, and where you can be yourself: Full Course 

Organic Intelligence - Art

In all things there is art. The essence of one's connection with true self is a work of art. We are all artists in one way or another. The question to ask one's self is, have I replaced my organic art in favour of being a slave to repetitive behaviours that deaden my ability to perceive correctly and with Discernment? 

To activate your inner artist - see below for suggestions for taking back your life.

The Conscious Evolution of the human

Home Care is Soul Care

Taking control of your diet is essential to human sovereignty. 

Taking control of soul destroying sexual outlet for (dopamine) human sovereignty. 

Taking control of authoritarian governments is essential to human sovereignty. 

Taking control of your choice of entertainment is essential to human sovereignty. 

Taking control of the data you entre into your brain is essential to human sovereignty. 

Question Authority - Spiritual Fraud - Political Fraud - Why

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