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Fake Pandemic 

CEPI - Pre-covid "pandemic" CEPI, in Singapore looking for funding for manufacturing a variety of vaccines. 

Centre for Strategic & International Studies - CEPI's funding sources secured. The entire world population now slaves to the DAVOS agenda.  COVAX

Julie Gerberding  - The fraud behind the strategy

European Parliament MEPs

New World Order Health

New World Order Is Here

The Hospital Nightmares

Stages of conditioning 

European Health Union


New Variants


Get informed, meet up with others, and discuss

Coercion is Not Consent

COVID Outreach

Pray for Israel - Vaccinated getting sick

Vaccine Injury Help

Vaccine Injury BC Canada

World in Transition

Poland: December 20, 2021

What is Truth

Wikipedia/LIE-brary. DO NOT USE.

Pay attention to Edit dates.  

Poisoning Canada and the USA

June 20, 2022 - Fox